Prayer Pastels: Dhur

Our second pastel composition features the noon time sun with no shadows and a bright blue sky.  The minaret is our interpretation of the Kalon in Bukhara Uzbekistan.


We began with pastel pencil outlines of the minaret and dome before adding the landscape colours.

We recommend helping the children with the outline sketches for a reference point like the minaret in our composition and then showing the children the model for the blocks of landscape colour in the background. If the children are young then you can add the pastels and have the children blend the background colours.


This composition has a radiant sun and bright blue sky blended with the fingers.


This series is ideal for Muslim children in Ramadan when attention to the specific prayer times is more acute.  Dhur prayer is the second marker in the fasting day and children who join the fast can feel a sense of accomplishment to complete a half day or to continue to fast until Maghrib.  An art project like this can help to pass the time for children in a way the reinforces the meaning and community of Ramadan
Please share your ideas for teaching children about the times for prayer throughout the day.

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