Al Khafid: 22 The Abaser

This is the twenty second part of our series on the 99 Names of Allah (s) for children.

Please see Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah for more information about each name in this project if you would like to know more.

Lesson plan:

Present the lesson bellow and discuss one or some of the suggested questions.

Assist the students with ideas for the artwork for this name or ask them to make their own interpretation of the medallion provided here:

Fix the medallion to the format you have chosen such as a poster or wall with double-sided tape.


Lesson for Al Khafid: The Abaser

The name Khafid can mean to protect from an unprepared ascent like brining you down to earth safely.  The name can also mean to lower the spiritual station out of loving protection.  For this medallion we chose a grieving figure that is coming down to earth to imply that even in moments where we are brought low there is mercy and after relief inshallah.


Lesson for Suggested discussion questions:

What does abase mean?

What is descent?

What can cause our spiritual station to lower?

Is there a reason that we error and then repent; is there a purpose?

What do the Prophets do when the make an error?




We suggest you choose a space that can accommodate all the 99 Names or to fix the names to a fold out accordion book in sequence if you do not have an appropriate space available.


Please share your ideas for teaching the meaning of the 99 Names: A Visual Tasbih to children.

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