34. Illuminated Quran: Sheba Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson plan for 34. Illuminated Quran: Sheba.

This surah speaks about Sulayman (a) and the Queen of Sheba so I read the story of Sulayman (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil to my son.  If you would like to see another project for Sulayman (a) please see Tree of Prophets: Sulayman (a).

In the story Sulayman (a) asked for knowledge over kingship and Allah (s) gave him both.  My son said that he would rather have knowledge than be a king as well.  I explained that being a king is a big responsibility.  My son said that if he were a king he would want to help poor people to get food and help the sick.

My son asked when Allah (s) is happy with the king.  I said Allah (s) is happy if the king does a good job and listens to the wise people.

My son said that he wants to be a good person.  Then he asked why he could not have the ring of Sulayman (a).  My son said he would wish for peace, and food to for the poor.  I said that if you have a good intention maybe Allah (s) would let you have the ring for a moment.

My son asked why the jinn were the slaves of Sulayman (a) when he had the ring.  I explained that the ring gave him this power.

We learned about the ant that Sulayman (a) heard and how he moved his army to protect the ant.

We learned about the staff of Sulayman (a) that was eaten by the woodworm.  When Sulayman (a) passed away my son asked why Allah (s) made it look like Sulayman (a) was still alive.  I explained that Allah (s) wanted the jinn to keep working and finish the temple.  My son wanted to know why Allah (s) revealed that Sulayman (a) was dead after the temple was finished and I said maybe because Allah (s) wanted the temple to be completed.  My son wanted to know why Sulayman (a) died before the temple was finished.  I said that I did not know but maybe Allah (s) needed Sulayman (a) for something else.

I asked my son who the Queen of Sheba was and he could not remember so we talked a little bit about her story.  My son asked how her throne came to the court of Sulayman (a) and I explained that the jinn brought the throne.

Please share your ideas for teaching the meaning of the Quran to children.


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