33. Illuminated Quran: The Allies Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson for 33. Illuminated Quran: The Allies.

This surah speaks about modesty.  I asked my son what is modesty.  He said that modesty is when you cover your body nicely and you are not naked.

Next we discussed how it is also important not to stare at people no matter how they are dressed.  My son said that if he were naked people would stare even though they should not.  I agreed that people do stare but that does not mean that staring is good.

I told my son a story I had heard about the Prophet (s) where he told a man sitting with him not to stare at a lady nearby.  My son asked why the Prophet (s) told the man not to stare.  I explained that it is better manners not to stare.

My son asked if people stare at ladies will they go to Hell.  I said no I did not think so but that it was bad manners and we should try to have good manners.

My son asked when we should not stare.  I said that when people are not covered well we should not stare at them.  My son asked if some people stare even when the other people are covered.  I said yes this happens too and it is also bad manners.

My son asked about people who live in the jungle and have little clothes.  He wanted to know how they made their clothes.  I said they make them but I was not sure how, maybe animal skin.  He asked what is the country where the people wear very little clothes.  I explained that there are many countries like that but usually is a hot country.

I asked my son how Muslims are supposed to dress.  He said that we should wear turbans.  I asked him why.  He said because Allah (s) said so.

My son then asked if both men and women should lower their eyes and not stare and I said yes that was true.

This surah speaks about the Seal of Prophets and I asked my son what that means.  He said he did not know.  I asked him who the first prophet was.  He said Adam (a).  I asked him who the last prophet was.  He said Muhammad (s).  I explained that the Prophet Muhammad (s) is the Seal of Prophets because he is the last.

My son asked if there are any more Prophets after and I said no but I asked him who guides us now.  We discussed this for a little while and he finally said that the Awliah guide us now.

Please share your ideas for exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.


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