30. Illuminated Quran: The Romans Lesson Review

We recently reviewed the lesson plan for 30. Illuminated Quran: The Romans .

This surah speaks about the lessons we can learn from the ruins of civilizations around the world.  My son had some friends visiting and they participated in this lesson when I asked what we can learn from ruins.  They said that they thought there are ruins in India.  They said that when they see ruins they think they fell over time or were attacked and destroyed or that storms and tornadoes knocked them down.  They also talked about how sickness can lead to destruction.  I said this can be so if many people sicken and die and there is no one left to maintain the civilization.

I asked the boys if they knew who the Romans were?  They said that the Romans had a really big empire that started in Italy.  They said that is where pasta and pizza come from.  They said that the Roman armies were very powerful.

I asked the boys if they knew what Roman ruins look like.  They talked about amphitheaters and the Colosseum as examples of Roman ruins.  I told them that there are examples of Roman infrastructure all over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East as old roads, aqueducts and other structures.

I asked the boys why the Quran says we should look at ruins.  We talked about the importance of knowledge of the past.  We discussed how maybe it is good to be an archaeologist.

Please share your ideas for exploring the meaning of the Quran with children


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