29. Illuminated Quran: The Spider Lesson Review

We recently reviewed the lesson plan for 29. Illuminated Quran: The Spider.

For this lesson my son had some friends visiting and when we looked at the illustration for this surah of the spider.  They boys mentioned the story of the cave that the Prophet (s) and Abu Bakr (r) hid from the Quraysh.

This surah speaks about the houses of spiders being fragile like the people who take protectors other than Allah (s).  The boys decided that this means that Allah (s) is the strongest.  They said that with Allah (s) we are more protected from evil jinns.  My son’s friend said that with Allah (s) you will be safer at night.  His other friend said that you would not have bad dreams with Allah (s) as your protector.  They put the blanket over their heads like a tent to represent the protection of Allah (s).

This surah speaks about how people pray sincerely when they are in trouble but not when the trouble passes.  I asked the boys why this is.  They said that people pray to make the problem go away or pass easier.  I asked them why it is important to pray when you are not in trouble.  They said that prayers bring blessings, make you a better person, and that you will more likely go to heaven.

I asked then if they could stop a problem coming with prayer.  They said yes but that we cannot prevent all challenges.  I asked why does Allah (s) give us challenges.  They said that without challenges we will not learn.

Please share your ideas for exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.

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