28. Illuminated Quran: The Narrative Lesson Review

Recently we reviewed the lesson plan for 28. Illuminated Quran:  The Narrative .

My son had a friend visiting who decided to do these lessons with us.  We started this lesson by looking at the illustration of Musa (a) in the river Nile.

My son’s friend said that in the story he knew the baby Musa (a) was placed into a box in the stream.  I asked the boys why the baby was put into the river.  The boys said that Musa (a) was in the river to be protected from Pharoah’s soldiers.

I asked the boys why Musa’s (a) mother Yohabith (r) trusted Allah (s) and put the baby in the river.  They were not sure so I explained the part of the story where Yohabith (r) threw Musa (a) into the oven fire to hide him from the soldiers and found him unharmed when she went to take him out.  I said that maybe this was why she was brave enough put the baby Musa (a) in the river because she had already experienced that miracle.  (This detail of Musa’s (a) story is in the adult version on the Lore of Light: Volume 2 by Hajjah Amina Adil.)

We talked about the staff of Musa (a) that could turn into a dragon and eat the other snakes of the Egyptian magicians. They mentioned the part where Musa (a) put his staff in the river Nile and it turned to blood.

I asked the boys what Musa (a) learned during his travels.  We talked about his encounter with the burning bush and his conversation with Allah (s).

Please share your ideas for sharing the meaning of the Quran with children.



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