26. Illuminated Quran: The Poets Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson plan for 26. Illuminated Quran: The Poets.

This surah speaks about the story of Musa (a) and his staff.  I asked my son why the staff of Musa (a) turned into a serpent.  He said that the magicians had snakes and Musa’s (a) staff was actually a dragon.  My son loves to correct me.  I asked my son why the staff changed and what did it do.  He said the staff that became a dragon ate all the snakes that were from the staffs of the magicians.

I asked my son why the staff of Musa (a) had these special powers.  He said “I don’t know.” I asked him where the staff of Musa (a) came from.  We discussed how this staff was special because it came from the Prophet Shuayb (a) and they had fought over the staff as well.  My son wanted to know why Musa (a) did not give the staff back to Shuayb (a).  I said that Musa (a) became frustrated because Shuayb (a) kept trying to give him a different staff.

I asked my son if he thought that Allah (s) gives Prophets powers with a staff and my son agreed.

This surah speaks about the ruins of the Thamud people.  I asked my son what we can learn about history from the Quran.  We discussed how this can be a way to find out the real meaning of history.

I asked if we can also learn about history like an archaeologist.  He said yes.  I asked what we can dig up and he said dinosaurs.  He wanted to know why they find humans when they dig as well I explained that humans die and then their bones are in the ground.  He wanted to know what archaeologists do with human bones and I explained that they usually can figure out how they died and what they ate among other things.

Please share your experiences when exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.

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