Sira: The Sidratul Muntaha

Tonight we learned about the Sidratul Muntaha tree in the children’s Sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

I asked my son if he would like to see the Sidratul Muntaha and have a tree house with the Angel Jibrail (a).  He thought that sounded awesome.

When the Prophet (s) reached the part where he saw the pen my son asked if this was the same pen that wrote Bissmillah in the beginning.  I said that yes it is the same pen as far as I know.

My son asked why the Angel Jibrail (a) did not go farther than the Sidratul Muntaha.  I said that he did not have permission to go farther so the Prophet (s) went on alone.  My son asked if Jibrail (a) was in the heavens now.  I said I did not know for sure because sometimes Allah (s) sends him to earth.

My son asked why Allah (s) needs angels to work for him.  I said that is a very good question because Allah (s) does not need them so maybe Allah (s) likes them to do his work.

My son asked why there are so many veils in heaven.  I said that maybe there are certain things that Allah (s) wants to hide.  My son asked why only Allah (s) can see beyond the Sidratul Muntaha.  I said that the Prophet (s) saw beyond the Sidratul Muntaha as well.  My son asked if Allah (s) can choose other people to see beyond the Sidratul Muntaha as well and I said yes.

Next we learned about the thrones that sit near the divine throne for the people who memorize, understand and act on the knowledge they learn from the Quran.  My son asked if he could do that.  I asked him if he had memorized some of the Quran and he said yes.  I asked him if he learned a little bit about what it meant.  He said that he learned from the Surah about the cow that you cannot hide what you do from Allah (s).  I asked if that knowledge helps him to behave himself when no one else it there to see what he does.  He said yes.  I asked if it was possible with further study to sit near the Divine Throne.  He said yes that sounded possible and he was very happy.

My son asked what he will do there if he sits near to the Divine Throne.  I said that Allah (s) will tell him what to do there.  My son asked if he would have to read the Quran to people.  I said maybe but I really didn’t know.

This Surah spoke about the 70,000 veils in heaven and my son ran around the room showing how he would fly through the veils and asked if her could do that.  I said maybe, if he works very hard to learn the Quran.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Sira of the Prophet (s) to children.

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