Sira: The Bayt ul Mamur

Tonight we learned about the Bayt ul Mamur in the children’s sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

When the Prophet (s) ascended he saw angels in different prayer postures and he reached one place where their eye were fixed to the ground in great concentration and he liked this very much.  I asked my son if he concentrates on one spot when he prays.  He said yes.  I asked my son if he was glad that the Prophet (s) asked for that part of our prayer and he said yes.

My son wanted to know how the author of this book knew about all these angels.  I explained that the Prophet Muhammad (s) returned from his night journey and told everyone what he saw.

Next we learned about all the children who were in heaven learning the Quran with Ibrahim (a).  My son asked why the children refuse to go to heaven without their parents.  My son said that he would want his parents to come with him as well.

My son asked why children go to heaven and I explained that when children die young they are without sins written for them.  My son said that he really did not want to do sins.  I asked my son how we protect ourselves from sins.  He said Authu billahi min a Shaitan nirajim Bissmillah ir Rahman ir Rahim.

I asked my son what the Bayt ul Mamur was and he said it is the Kaaba in Jenna.  My son asked why every angel has a job.  I explained that Allah (s) tells the angels to do this and that and they obey.  My son said that he wants the job of giving the adhan and leading the prayer at the Bayt ul Mamur.  He asked if he can have two jobs like that in Jenna.  I said that I did not know but that he could make dua and ask Allah (s).

My son asked how he could hear Allah’s (s) answer.  I said that he might hear an answer in a dream, or from a saint.  My son asked if a person becomes a wali will they hear Allah (s).  I said yes, something like that.

My son asked if some people do not pray in Jenna.  I said that they probably all do.  My son asked what would happen if he did not pray.  I said that I did not know but that we would probably want to pray in Jenna because it is so nice.

My son asked if there are more Kaabas.  I said there is just one Kaaba now and one Bayt ul Mamur in the 7th heaven as far as I knew.  He asked if there are any Kaabas in Hell.  I said that I did not know but I did not think so.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Sira of the Prophet (s) to children.

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