Sira: Buraq

Tonight we read about the Buraq in the children’s Sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

The story spoke about the angel that stopped blowing his trumpet for the night journey of the Prophet (s) and my son asked which angel that is.  I said that it was Israfil (a).  He asked who that is and what does his trumpet look like.  I said that Israfil (a) is an important angel and I am not sure what the trumpet looks like but I made this illustration of his and the trumpet for the Illuminated Quran project.



The story spoke about the beautiful crystal lights that were hung to decorate the heavens on the night that the Prophet (s) came and my son asked what they looked like.  I said I did not know but later showed him some examples of crystal lights I found on Instagram to give the idea.

We learned about all the Buraqs and the one Buraq who was sad and not playing with the others.  My son asked who that Buraq was and I said that was the Buraq that would carry the Prophet Muhammad (s).

My son asked if it was true that the Buraq had pearls and jewels and the tail of a peacock.  I said yes that is what the Sira says.  My son wanted to know how Hajjah Amina Adil (the narrator of this Sira) knew all of these things.  I explained that she is a saint and that she knows all the old stories and that she was a student of Shaykh Abdallah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani (q).

My son asked what kind of Arabic the Buraq speaks.  I said that it is like the arabic in the Quran as far as I knew.  My son asked me if the Prophet Muhammad (s) spoke the kind of arabic we find in the Quran.  I said yes.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Sira of the Prophet (s) to children.

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