Dolls for the Innocent

These dolls were made by one of our contributors.

They were crocheted by a sufi lady that is trying to find the middle way for herself and her daughters.  She said that she was looking for a doll style that was more innocent for young girls than the Barbie type doll.


She searched for a simple crochet pattern and then found a YouTube tutorial for the hair.


She decided that the dolls should be simple and modest which more reflects our values as Sufi Muslims.

I am so pleased that she shared these dolls with us an I hope to see more things from her in the future.

As Muslim parents it can be challenging to find toys and dolls that reflect the innocence of childhood and do not push our children into an inappropriate vision of adulthood.  I encourage any of our followers that are inspired to submit projects like this one and any activities that you have with these toys for children to learn.

Please share your ideas for creative play with Muslim children.


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