Mawlid Card from School

I have been very skeptical in the past about my son’s school.  They do teach Arabic and Quran but I have not seen very much effort to creatively encourage love of the Prophet (s) and Islam.

Sometimes it feel like they make it as boring as possible so the kids will dislike the subject of religion entirely.

But today my son brought home a project he had worked on all day.  He lovingly showed me a Mawlid card he made for me.  There was a beautiful mosque and the elephant Mahmud.

He was proud of the card and the Mahmud he coloured grey and I could see that he was excited about the subject and understood what he was making and why.  This comprehension and enthusiasm is the essence of what I look for in an educational activity and I sincerely hope to see more activities like this in the future and educators that are willing to take the initiative to encourage the love of Islam in children.

Please share your triumphs and struggles with the current state of Islamic education.


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