Sira: The Cave

Tonight we read about the cave of Hira in the children’s sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

We learned that some people in the time of the Prophet (s) would pray and fast in the caves surrounding Mecca.  My son asked why they did that.  I said that maybe those people were believers.  He asked what the unbelievers were doing.  I said that maybe they were just at home.

We learned that when the Prophet saw an angel in his house Khadija (r) helped the Prophet (s) to know if the being was good or bad.  She took off her scarf and the being left the room which helped them to understand that the being was an angel.

The wings of this angel filled the whole sky.  My son asked if that made it look like night.  I said that I was not sure.

My son wanted to know how the people who made the The Light of Muhammad book knew what happened a long time ago.  I explained that the people who made this book read history books and accounts from the time of the Prophet (s).

My son was very surprised to learn that the people in the time of the Prophet (s) had no television.  He asked what they did with no television.  I told him that they probably played outside.

Please share your ideas for teaching the sira of the Prophet (s) to children.

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