Dervish Dolls: Block Mosque

Today our little dervish dolls are building a mosque with my sons.  The boys were so excited to get started creating a prayer space for the dolls.  My hope is that by creating a prayer space for these dolls will inspire the boys to pray as well.  Creative play is a preparation for young minds to engage in more mature activities, a practice if you will for later.  As young Muslims mature they are expected to pray and fast.  The adults in their lives model this behaviour but the element that is often missed is that children need a way to practice and prepare in their own consciousness.  I hope that this and other creative activities will help my children to prepare for the spiritual practices of later life. 

The dervish dolls were commissioned from WaldorfMagicGlade on Etsy.  The whirling devish dolls were purchased in Turkey.  If you need help finding whirling dervish dolls leave a comment on this post or through the Facebook page and I will look into it for you. 

The blocks are the Waldorf Arabian Nights Blocks set available on Amazon.  

Please share your ideas for using creative play to teach children about Islam. 

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