Sira: The Tree of Many Fruits

Tonight we read about the tree of many fruits mentioned in the children’s Sira The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.

We learned about the dream that the grandfather of the Prophet (s) had before his birth with a tree of many fruits.  My son asked why Abdul Muttalib needed to kill one of his sons.

I told my son that he was confused and that Allah (s) only asked this sacrifice of Ibrahim (a) and then the angel saved Ismail (a).  In this story though Abdul Muttalib sacrificed camels instead of his son Abdullah in the end.

My son asked what Allah (s) really wanted Abdul Muttalib to do with his sons.  I said that maybe Allah (s) wanted the sons of Abdul Muttalib to follow the Prophet Muhammad (s).

In the dream of Abdul Muttalib there was a man glowing with light.  I asked my son who that man was and he said the it was the Prophet (s).

Please share you ideas for teaching children about the Sira of the Prophet Muhammad (s).

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