Mawlid Mobile: Zalmusa

This year for our Mawlid Mobile I looked at many examples of fish in Asian and Islamic art and finally settled on this composite of a fish to represent Zalmusa, the enormous fish that danced in sea and announced the birth of the Prophet (s) to all the 7 seas.

I used a light green construction paper in two layers for the body and glued the fins between each piece.

When all was dry I painted on the eyes, scales and other detail with blue watercolour paint.  Then I added a jeweled eye and some pearl stickers to the scales.


My children were so excited to see the completed mobile with all the ornaments and lights this year.  Their eyes light up and they run around shrieking with joy and it all seems worth it to put in this effort each year to make the holiday special.

Please share your ideas for Mawlid decorating.

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