25. Illuminated Quran: The Criterion Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson plan for 25. Illuminated Quran:  The Criterion.

We began this lesson by looking at the watercolour wash painting for this surah of light above and dark bellow.  My son wanted to talk about what the light and dark meant.  He wanted to know if light is good and dark is bad.  I asked if that is so how do we know what is good without bad.  He said if we listen to Allah (s) we are good and have light and powers like he gives to the Prophets.  He went on and said that if we are bad we are like orcs (demonic Tolkien book characters) and Allah (s) will put you in Hell and maybe forgive you and take you up to Jenna.  He said that even if you go to Jenna after being bad you won’t have the light because you listened to Shaitan.

I asked my son if he could think of an example of right and wrong.  He said that people think light is up and down is black.  Lights are like Jenna and down is like the fire of Hell.  He said it is wrong if robbers are bad and steal.  He said that the all the Prophets do right things.

I asked my son if we have night and day for a reason.  He said we are tired so Allah (s) gave us time to rest for a long time and then wake up.

I asked my son what light and dark mean.  He said Shaitan is dark and bad and Allah is light and Jenna so maybe that means that light is good.

I asked my son what it means if there is a shadow.  He said that dark is bad and sometimes black.  He said that in the dark (darker room) his shadow is lighter.  He said “I glow like light in the dark.”

Please share your experiences with exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.

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