Gardens of Islam: Herbal Skin Ointment

For our second workshop our little apothecaries learned about the properties of lavender and camomile from the Hadiqat al-Azhar, a medieval text about traditional Islamic medicine.  The children love this class because it makes them feel like they are in a potions class at Hogwarts.  We tell them they are making real medicines like medieval herbalists.

We learned that lavender is antimicrobial as well as soothing and calming for anxiety.

Camomile helps with skin irritation and has a calming or sedative effect as well.

The ingredients for this ointment are:

Coconut Oil


Olive Oil

Chamomile Oil

Lavender Oil

The beeswax was grated and added to all the other ingredients and then heated on the stove until melted.  The ointment was then put into a glass jar to cool and needed to be mixed occasionally.  When cool the oinment was rubbed onto the temples of the children and they did seem calmer afterward.


I would like the thank Miriam Hicklin for hosting this amazing workshop from her Hadiqat al Azhar series.

Please share your ideas for learning about the Gardens of Islam and Traditional Islamic Medicine.

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