21. Illuminated Quran: The Prophets Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed our lesson plan for 21. Illuminated Quran: The Prophets.

This surah speaks about the story of Prophet Ibrahim (a).  I asked my son what Ibrahim (a) is trying to teach his people by destroying the idols.  My son said that he was trying to teach us that they real God is Allah (s).

I asked my son why the fire was cool for Ibrahim (a).  My son said that Allah (s) protected him.

This surah discusses the scope of creation so I played the Powers of Ten video for my son on YouTube to give an idea of the size of the universe. 

My son asked what a galaxy is.  I said that a galaxy in a collection of stars in a spiral.

My son wanted to know why we can’t see farther than they show in the video.  I explained that the telescopes cannot see farther than the light goes.  He asked why we cannot go further than that with our own light.  I explained that this is farther than any ship can travel right now and would take longer than anyone would live.

He asked if you would need to bring a lot of food on such a long journey.  I said yes.  He asked why we can’t live millions of years.  I explained that our cells are designed to live a certain amount of time and then they stop working.  He asked why our cells cannot live longer and I said that Allah (s) made our cells that way.  He asked if anyone can live to be 200.  I agreed that sometimes the prophets live a very long time or even longer than 200 years.  He asked why some prophets lived longer.  I said that maybe Allah (s) needed them to live longer to teach people.  My son wanted to know how long he would live.  I said that Allah (s) knows how long we will live.

This surah mentions that living things are made from water so I asked my son why water is important for life.  I asked what happens to plants without water and he said they die.

We discussed the purpose of creation and we concluded that life is created to make dhikr and worship Allah (s).  My son said that Baba says we are made to be humble servants.

I asked my son why there is more than one creation.  He said maybe it gives us many chances to be good and go to Jenna and the unseen like we have eternity chances.

Please share your experiences with exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.


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