19. The Illuminated Quran: Mariam Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson for 19. Illuminated Quran: Mariam.

The following section is from our Tree of Prophets  project: Tree of Prophets: Yahya (a).


We learned about the part of Yahya (a) story where Shaitan felt sorry for Yahya because he was so sad for sleeping through the morning prayer. My son wanted to know if that was good that Shaitan felt pity for Yahya (a). I said maybe it was, feeling empathy is not bad but I did not know for sure.
My son wanted to know why there was a time when Shaitan was doing a lot of prayers and now he is not good. I said that everything changed when Shaitan would not bow to Adam (a). My son wanted to know why Shaitan is making everyone to do bad things now. I explained that it is sort of his job.
My son wanted to know why Shaitan forgot to be bad with Yahya (a) and I explained that Yahya (a) is a prophet and maybe he had special abilities to change the way Shaitan usually behaves but I did not really know.

We learned that Yahya (a) will cut off the head of death. My son wanted to know who death is and I said that maybe it means angel Azrail (a). I asked my son what Musa (a) did when Azrail (a) came to take him and we talked about how Musa (a) punched out Azrail’s (a) eye. My son asked why Musa (a) did that. I explained that Musa (a) did not want to die.
My son wanted to know if there is an angel of peace that puts us un Jenna and I said maybe this is Azrail (a) and this is maybe what happened when Idris (a) ascended. My son wanted to know if death is scary if you are going to heaven. I said that I did not know but it was a good question. My son asked many questions about the sirat ul-mustaqueem and wanted to know if death is like a scary forest with a broken bridge. I said yes that the bridge goes over Hell so it could be very scary if you look.

My son wanted to know if the sirat ul-mustaqueem is made of lava or fire. I said that I did not really know what it is made of except that it is very thin like a hair. My son said he was scared to go on that bridge. My son wanted to know if Yahya (a) was scared to go on the bridge and that was why he was crying. I said maybe. My son wanted to know if everyone is scared of the bridge. I said yes that if they see the bridge and see Hell below the bridge they would be scared.

My son wanted to know if you could do a zipline over the sirat ul-mustaqueem? I said maybe and that some of us had better hope so. My son mentioned this idea because we took him ziplining this past summer and told him about the rope of Allah (s). Please see our post on the zipline activity: Sunnah Athletics: The Rope of Allah. My son asked if we can hold hands with the awliah and go over the bridge. I said maybe and we should ask. 

I asked my son how Zachariah (a) was inspired by Miriam (r).  We discussed how Zachariah (a) saw the fruits from Allah (s) given to Miriam (r) and he was inspired to ask for a son.  My son asked why Zachariah (a) wanted a son.  I explained that Zachairiah (a) wanted a son so there would be someone to learn from him.

I asked my son if he had ever been inspired by the prayer of another person and he mentioned the miracle of the table and said that the prayer of Isa (a) brought the table and that made my son think that maybe he could ask for a table full of candies.

I asked my son why he thought the baby Isa (a) was sent to Miriam (r).  I asked if she was special and my son agreed.  I asked my son what was special about her and and he asked me if she was praying a lot.  I said that yes I think she was.

Please shere your experience while exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.



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