Salat for Short Muslims

Making prayer an engaging and meaningful experience for children is important.  Some parents create a special prayer space for their children and find other fun ways to make this practice accessible.  Bellow is a series of photos featuring children in prayer.  

Our play for Isra wal Miraj featured the postures of prayer from the sira of the Prophet (s).  The idea was to help children understand where their prayer comes from.  If you would like to know more you can find the script here: Isra wal Miraj: Play for Children Script.

The call to prayer as a family is from one of our contributors:

Making dua:

Trying to follow the Imam:

Salat in the sand:

The little imam:

This young lady can perform a full prayer cycle Mashallah!  Her photos are from one of our contributors on Instagram at @our_little_dunya. 

Please share your ideas for teaching children the beauty of salat and send us your photos!

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