16. Illuminated Quran: The Bee Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson for 16. Illuminated Quran: The Bee.

This surah speaks about Allah (s) knowing about what we do openly and in secret.  I asked my son if we act differently when we are alone.  He said yes but that Allah (s) can still see us.  I asked my son if we are ever really alone and he said no we are never really alone because Allah (s) is with us wherever we go, where we are buried, and in Jenna.

This surah speaks of Allah (s) teaching the bee to make their hive so I played a short time-lapse video on YouTube of bees building a hive.


After the video we talked about what sort of places bees build their hives.  He said that bees live in a box of wood that is closed but has a door open for the bees to get out.  I asked him if bees could make hives in other places out in the wild.  He said yes that bees used to make hives out in the wild and now they make it in a box.  I asked my son how bee hives are similar to our houses.  He said we both have rooms but our rooms our bigger.

Please share your ideas for exploring the meaning of Quran with children.

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