15. Illuminated Quran: The Rock Lesson Review

Tonight I reviewed the lesson plan for 15. Illuminated Quran: The Rock with my son.

This surah reviews the creation of Prophet Adam (a).  I asked my son how Adam (a) was created.  He said that Allah (s) created Adam (a) with clay and water and light.  Then we discussed the Ruh of Allah (s) as the magical ingredient.

I asked my son why Iblis refused to bow to this new creation.  My son said that he refused to bow because of his ego.  My son asked what we are supposed to do when our ego whispers to us.  I asked him if he could remember what we are supposed to do.  He said authubillahi min ashaitan irajim bismillah arahmanirahim.

This surah speaks about the Hijri people so I played my son a short YouTube video about the Nabateans so that he could see some of the archaeological sites and information about these people.

We discussed who Hijri were and my son said they lived in stone buildings carved out of rock.   Then we discussed why they did not listen to Prophet Salih (a).  My son said that they did not listen for the same reason Iblis did not listen, they were listening to their egos.

I asked my son why the Hijri people fell and we discussed the story of Salih (a).  If you would like to read more about the story of Prophet Salih (a) there is a chapter concerning him in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

The story of Saliah (a) speaks about 9 evil people among the Tahmoodi (Hijiri) people.  My son wanted to know if the evil people were zombies.  I asked my son what miracle he would have asked for if he were a Tahmoodi person.  He said he would have asked for all the evil people to leave.

We discussed the miracle of camel and my son said he would have had a huge party for the camel and her baby.

Please share your experiences when exploring the meaning of the Quran for children.

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