13. The Illuminated Quran: The Thunder Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson for 13. Illuminated Quran: The Thunder.

I asked my son where thunder comes from and he said the clouds.

This surah speaks about the creation so I asked my son what was the first thing created.  He said the light of Muhammad (s).  Then I asked about the last things created and he said that we are the last things to be created.

I asked my son when you hear thunder what do you hear.  He said he hears Allah’s (s) mercy like ocean waves or waves of thunder.  I told him that this surah says that thunder praises Allah (s).

This surah speaks about the Umm al Kitab or book that is the source of all divine revelation.  I asked my son where the idea of writing came from.  He asked me if Allah (s) created the pen and I said yes.  I asked him what did the pen write and he said bissmillah.

My son had many questions about the universe at the time the pen was created and wrote bissmillah.  He wanted to know what was outside of outer space and I said we could not see beyond a certain point with telescopes so Allah (s) knows what is farther away than we can see.  He wanted to know more so I played him The Powers of Ten video on YouTube.  He wanted to know why the sun is so far away from earth.  I told him that if the sun were too close it would burn us.  He asked me if only Allah (s) knows what is outside of space and I said yes Allah (s) knows this.

Returning to the subject of the pen I asked my son why we write down the books of the messengers.  He said we write them down because we are Muslim and we discussed that Muslims and other believers write down the words of the prophets.

Please share your ideas for exploring the meaning of the Quran with children.


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