7. Illuminated Quran: The Elevated Places Lesson Review

Tonight we reviewed the lesson plan for 7. Illuminated Quran:  The Elevated Places.

We discussed the part of the surah where we are warned about cities that are destroyed because of the sins of its people.  My son asked if good people die as well as bad.  I said yes that can happen and I asked him what happens to the good people after they die.  He said they go to Jenna and the bad people go down.

Then we discussed the people of Hood (a) because a black cloud came to destroy his city.  I asked if Allah (s) sends someone to warn people before destruction comes.  He said yes that Allah (s) sends a prophet and that prophet can protect their followers from that destruction if they listen.

We read the story of Adam (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil to prepare for discussing the parts of this surah that concern him.

The surah mentions the creation of Adam and we discussed why Allah (s) asked the angels to bow to Adam (a).  My son thought that maybe Allah (s) wanted to see if the angels were really good and tested them.


We discussed why Iblis refused to bow to Adam (a) and why he thought that fire was better than clay.  I told him that maybe the angels could see the special light coming from Adam (a) and Iblis could not.

The surah mentions the importance of dressing beautifully when you go to prayer.  I asked my son what we are supposed to wear.  He said that we are supposed to wear a turban, juba and sunnah shirt.

This surah mentions the order of creation.  We discussed why the light of Muhammad (s) was created first.  I told him I thought it must be because Allah (s) needed that light to make the other things.

We read the story of Harun (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil to review the parts of his narrative that are mentioned in this surah.

I asked my son how the people of Egypt were warned before they were punished.  We talked about the plagues that Allah (s) sent to warn the Egyptians.

We discussed the miracles that the Banu Israil experienced and I asked my son what the responsibility the believers have after a miracle occurs.  My son said that you have to believe or you will turn into a pig.  He thought that because when we learned about the 5th surah (The Food) the people who did not believe after the miracle were turned into pigs.

Please share your ideas for exploring that meaning of the Quran with children.

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