Tree of Prophets: Adam (a)

Tonight we read about Prophet Adam (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

When we read the part about Shaitan deceiving Adam (a) and Eve (r) wanted to know what Shaitan is.  I said that he is made of fire and cursed by Allah (s).  My son wanted to know why Shaitan is cursed.  I told him that he would not bow to Adam (a) and at that time he was cursed.

My son wanted to know if Shaitan could be harmed by fire.  I said that I did not know.

My son wanted to know why Adam (a) and Eve (r) ate from the forbidden wheat tree.  I told him that they ate from the tree because Iblis lied to them and said that if they did not eat from the forbidden tree they would die.

My son said that he was afraid that Iblis would lie to him too.  I asked him how he could protect himself from waswas.  He said that he needs to say Authubillahi min a shaitan nirajim bissmillah a rahman ir rahim.  I told him that was a very good idea.

Please share your ideas for teaching the stories of the Prophets to children.



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