2. Illuminated Quran: The Cow Lesson Review

We recently reviewed the lesson for 2. Illuminated Quran: The Cow.  This lesson was long and there were many discussion questions because of the length of Surah Baqarah but my son stuck with me all he way through.

My son has not studied this surah yet at school so I found a recitation on YouTube and played it for him.  After about 5 minutes he said it was too long for him and I paused it so we could start the lesson.

We started with the discussion question about the Quran as a book for those who believe in the unseen.  My son said that there are scary things that are unseen and that he cannot see the Prophet Muhammad (s) or the other Prophets but he believes in them.  

When I asked him if he ever broke a rule like Adam (a) and Hawa (r) he said yes and that then he had to go to calm down corner.  I asked him if Adam (a) and Hawa (r) falling to earth was like calm down corner he said yes.  

I asked if he could think of any other miracles like the parting of the Red Sea mentioned in the surah and he said that the creation of the world and the Quran are miracles.

I told him about the story of the cow in the surah and the people who tried to hide their guilt.  I asked him if he every tried to hide something that he did wrong.  He said yes that once he was playing with a fruit knife when he knew he should not and when he cut his hand he tried to say that he cut it on a nail.  This particular incident required stitches, but I am not against the supervised use of cooking tools.  

Then we discussed the importance of Kaba and Ramadan in the surah.  He said that the Kaba is important because of the black stone and Ramadan puts Shaitan in prison.  

Finally we discussed the point that there is no compulsion in Islam.  He said that we cannot make people believe if they are blind but that maybe we can help people by showing them.  I asked him what he would do if his child didn’t want to study Quran.  He said he would tell them to do it later and offer a treat if they did.

Please share your experience when discussing the meaning of the Quran with your children.  

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