1. Illuminated Quran: The Opening Lesson Review

My son was very excited to begin our lesson plan on the meaning of Quran.  When I asked him about Surah Fatiha he recited it nicely but when I asked him what it meant he said he did not know.  

I reviewed the lesson plan 1. Illuminated Quran: The Opening with him and this is what he had to say about the lesson questions.  

He said that an example of Allah’s (s) mercy is the Ocean of Mercy in Jenna.

He said that other worlds could mean the planets like Saturn but he wasn’t sure how Allah (s) could support or hold up other worlds without hands.  We talked about people who are Hindu and show statues with many hands.  We talked about how we believe that Allah’s (s) power can be hard to understand but that we believe in support we cannot see or understand with a statue.  

My son was most interested in the concept of the Sirat ul Mustaqeem depicted in the illustration for this surah.   He was very concerned about what happens if you fall off the bridge.  He said the bridge goes to the door of Jenna.  

He wanted to know if he would fall off the bridge or not.  I told him that this is like the question that Sayyidina Rabbia asked.  I asked my son if anyone was able to answer her.  He came to the conclusion that only Allah (s) could answer her or us.  
This project has taken a long time to prepare and I am so excited to begin now that all the artwork and lesson plans are ready.  The illustrations are an excellent tool to aid the discussion.  The lesson questions that address the concepts in the illustration were the most interesting concepts to my son and lead to a lengthy discussion about the Sirat ul Mustaqueem.

I am so pleased that our first discussion on the meaning of the Quran brought up the knowledge of an important female saint.  I hope that our other discussions will touch on the importance and contributions of the ladies of Islam.  

Please share your experiences when you discuss the meaning of Quran with your children.  

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