Tree of Prophets:  Ibrahim (a)

Tonight we reviewed the story of Ibrahim (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.  This post is post is part of our Tree of Prophets Series.

My son wanted to know why Ibrahim (a) had milk, honey and butter coming from his fingers as a baby.  We talked about why this is and he decided that the angel brought these things to the baby Ibrahim (a).

My son wanted to know why the fire that Nimrod  threw Prophet Ibramim (a) into was so hot.  I told him that Nimrod built a big fire because he wanted to destroy Ibrahim (a).  My son asked why and I said that Nimrod was afraid of Ibrahim (a).

Then my son asked if Ibrahim (a) destroyed Nimrod.  The text did not say in this version but I told him that there was a mosquito sent to torment Nimrod and that led to his death sometime later.

My sons wanted to know why the bee got honey as its reward for trying to help Ibrahim (a) in the fire.  I said that I wasn’t sure why  specifically but that is our story of how the bee started to have honey.  My son said that he wanted to help put out the fire so that he could get candy as a reward.


My son wanted to know what happened to Ibrahim (a) after the fire was over.  I said that he went into the desert with his family.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.


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