Islamic History: Rumi Book Review

Last night we read Rumi: Whirling Dervish by Demi for bedtime.

My son said that his favorite part was when Rumi started whirling.  Then he asked me if he could have a whirling costume in green.  I said sure but that Rumi’s son Sultan Valad chose white for the traditional whirling costume.  My son wanted to know why he chose white and I said I did not know.

There were some selections from Rumi’s poetry in the the text of the book and my sons had questions about his poems.  They wanted to know if it was true that Allah (s) was hidden in the sea.  I said yes that is what the poem says but that is not the only place we can find Allah (s).  My younger son wanted to know why the poem said that Allah (s) is hiding.  I told them about the idea that Allah (s) is a treasure that wants to be found.

Then my sons had their own discussion about whether Allah (s) can be seen if Allah (s) is found.  My older son said that is dangerous to see Allah (s) because when Musa (a) asked to see Allah (s) he died.

Please share your your favorite books for young Mulims with us.

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