102. Illuminated Quran: Worldly Gain 

This is 102nd part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.

This surah cautions us against the distraction of material wealth and reminds us that there are more important things.

Discussion question:  what things are more important than money?  What is the most important thing to you?

Image: this is an image of a dragon lifted from a Persian miniature.  In European mythology the dragon represents the hoarding of material wealth or gold so I have placed the dragon on a pile of gold coins.  This is not the only understanding of dragon symbolism.  If any of our readers know if the Islamic understanding of the dragon is similar or if there is a better visual metaphor in Islamic Art please leave a comment because I would love to know more.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.

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