Sayyidina Rabia

We are so excited to bring you the next part of our Waliat series with one of the most famous lady saints of Islam, Sayyidnia Rabia (q).

The phtographs are from one of our contributors as are the stories about Rabia (q) in this article.  We rely on contributors to send us photos of the Maqams and their stories so please send these things to us when you visit the lady Saints and Sahaba.

Some say that Rabia (q) was born into a poor family and sold as a slave. Another story says that she was a dancer.  Another story says that Rabia (q) was married by her faher to a drunk man. She would look after her husband and then go to worship Allah (s).

One night she brought water to her husband and he had fallen asleep and so the cup froze in her hand. When her husband woke and took the water the skin came off her hand but she did not complain.

One night her husband woke to hear Rabia (q) speaking to somone in another room.  Her husband saw a beautful man in the room with Rabia (q) through the keyhole but when he opened the door he found her alone. Rabia (q) explained that the man was the Prophet (s) teaching her.

Her husband wanted to see the Prophet (s) again but Rabia (q) explained that he was not ready. Her husband continued to ask until the Prophet (s) appeared again and her husband died from the experience.

After her husband passed away 3 saints came to ask for the hand of Rabia (q). She told them that she would marry if they could answer 3 questions.  She asked am I going to pass away with faith? Is my grave going to be a garden or a Hell? Am I going to be with the unbeleivers or with the Prophet (s)? These 3 saints could not answer her and so she told them to go away and leave her alone. One of the men was Hassan al-Basri.

We ask Rabia’s (q) blessing on our project and ask her to increase our knowledge of the lady saints.

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