Cuisine of the Muslim World: The Honey Souk

Today we visited the honey souk to learn about the different types of honey available.  

This honey is from bees who visit eucalyptus flowers.

This honey was from bees who visit lemon blossoms.

We chose the eucalyptus honey for our cooking class this week and the honey seller weighed out a kilo of honey on these scales.

Then we selected a medicinal honey from Agadir Morocco that is good for colds and sore throats.  This bee must have a cold.

The honey seller told us that he his parents and gradparents were honey sellers making this a truly Muslim family tradition that we are so excited to share with our children on this field trip.

Please see our other posts about the blessings of honey in Islamic tradition: 

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Please share your ideas for teaching children about Islamic food traditions.

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