Sunnah Athletics: The Rope of Allah

Ziplining is not strictly speaking a Sunnah sport like swimming.  However, while recently on a family outing to try this recreational activity with our sons it stuck us that ziplining can be an excellent example for two concepts from the Quran that might otherwise be abstract for children, the rope of Allah (s) and the Sirat al Mustaqeem.

In the Quran (Surah Imran) we are advised to hold tightly to the rope of Allah (s).  Some say this refers to the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) or that the rope is the Prophet (s) himself and that he is the light that guides us.  

For this zipline activity we emphasized that the rope can represent guidance, both literally and figuratively.  The rope guides the climbers to their destination and keeps them from falling just as guidance can help keep us safe from harm and give us spritual direction in our lives.  

The other analogy from the Quran that we emphasized is the Sirat al Mustaqeem (Surah Fatiha) or the bridge thinner than a hair over a deep darkness that leads to Paradise.  With this experience it is not possible to stray from path bridge because the climbers are literally attached to the zipline.  This activity can help children to understand these concepts from the Quran that might otherwise be confusing or mysterious.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the concepts of the Quran with experiential learning.  

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