100. Illuminated Quran: The War Horse

This is the 100th part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.

This surah speaks about the struggle between good and evil as a battle with mounted horsemen.  This struggle is witnessed by Allah (s) and all the secrets that we try to hide will be remembered on the Day of Judgement.  

I think that this surah presents and excellent opportunity to talk about Islamic chivalry with children.  There are several chapters in the childrens’ sira: The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil that describe the chivalry of the Prophet (s) and his army of Sahaba in detail.  I plan to chose one chapter to read to my children as part of the lesson for this surah.

Discussion question: are there different ways to fight evil?  What are the rules of war in Islam?  Why did the Prophet (s) always try to avoid fighting and find a peaceful solution to conflict?

Image:  this image of mounted horsemen is lifted from a Persian miniature of a battle.  

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.  

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