93. Illuminated Quran: The Early Hours

This is the 93rd part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children. 

This surah speaks about the light of the early hours of the day.  There is a mid morning prayer called Duha (also the Arabic name of this surah) that is voluntary and can be preformed at this time as well to take advantage of the special energy of this time of day. 

This would be an excellent time to speak about Duha prayer with your children if they are learning to pray and possibly perform the prayer as part of the lesson plan.  

If you would like to know more about the history and benefits of this prayer please see the link: Salat al-Duha.  Among the many blessings mentioned for this prayer is the forgiveness of sins.  
This surah also speaks about the orphans and the provisions that are set upon them. The Prophet Muhammad (s) was himself an orphan. 

Discussion questions:  what is the name of the special prayer we can do in the mid morning?  Why do we perform this prayer?  Was the Prophet (s) an orphan?  What are our obligations towards orphans?  Does Allah (s) send provision for orphans? 

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.  

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