99 Names: A Visual Tasbih

This is a project to help children learn about the 99 names of Allah (s) in an accessible and visual form.  I have seen lovely projects that use the names of Allah (s) in calligraphic form.  Arabic calligraphy is beautiful but not necessarily accessible for children.  

For each name there is an image that suggests an attribute of Allah (s).  I do not intend in any way for these images the represent Allah (s).  The images are meant to represent things that will communicate the meaning of the name or attribute to a child.

Once the project is complete it will be a visual key to the 99 names that the child can contemplate.  Some of the names did not lend themselves easily to this project and I very much welcome any suggestions to modify or improve upon the images and lesson plans. 

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the names and attributes of Allah (s).

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