Cuisine of the Muslim World: Moroccan Play Kitchen

Our carpenter recently finished a traditional Moroccan play kitchen for our children to use while playing.  

We found a ceramic patterned sink to use with a faucet my husband found in Turkey.

We then found a small tajine for traditional Moroccan dishes and a small teapot to make Moroccan mint tea.

We are very pleased with how this kitchen came out and we do find it to be a cut above standard prefabricated play funiture which can be gerneric and flimsy.

Please share your ideas for interesting children in the cuisine of the Muslim world.  


Zam Zam Terrarium

For Eid this year I was searching for an ornament project to depict the Zam Zam water in the story of Ismail (a) and Hajar (r).  Part of our mission here at Sirajunmunira is to include the stories of lady figures in spritual celebrations so that the young ladies of our community will know more about their role models.

This project is a paper and sugar terrarium to depict the Zam Zam water emerging from the sand while Hajar (r) ran from Safa to Mawa in search of water.  

I made these desert succulent plants and Zam Zam fountain myself without a pre printed template but please see our Pinterest page for more detail: Zam Zam Terarrium.

If you would like to read more about this event to your children there is a chapter concerning the life of Ismail (a) in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the story of Eid and the rites of Hajj.

101. Illuminated Quran: The Calamity

This is the 101st part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.

This surah speaks about the great sound announcing the Day of Judgement, humans blown about like moths, and mountains becoming fragile like carded wool.  

Discussion question: why does the Quran warn us about the Day of Judgement so frequently?  How will we know when the Day of Judgement has arrived?  What are we supposed to do to prepare for the Day of Judgement?

Image:  the trumpet that sounds on the Day of Judgement is mentioned in several surahs and is pictured here to illustrate the great sound mentioned in the first verse of this surah. 

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.

Sunnah Athletics: The Rope of Allah

Ziplining is not strictly speaking a Sunnah sport like swimming.  However, while recently on a family outing to try this recreational activity with our sons it stuck us that ziplining can be an excellent example for two concepts from the Quran that might otherwise be abstract for children, the rope of Allah (s) and the Sirat al Mustaqeem.

In the Quran (Surah Imran) we are advised to hold tightly to the rope of Allah (s).  Some say this refers to the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) or that the rope is the Prophet (s) himself and that he is the light that guides us.  

For this zipline activity we emphasized that the rope can represent guidance, both literally and figuratively.  The rope guides the climbers to their destination and keeps them from falling just as guidance can help keep us safe from harm and give us spritual direction in our lives.  

The other analogy from the Quran that we emphasized is the Sirat al Mustaqeem (Surah Fatiha) or the bridge thinner than a hair over a deep darkness that leads to Paradise.  With this experience it is not possible to stray from path bridge because the climbers are literally attached to the zipline.  This activity can help children to understand these concepts from the Quran that might otherwise be confusing or mysterious.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the concepts of the Quran with experiential learning.  

Dervish Dolls: The Wedding

Today we unpacked all the Dervish Dolls after our summer trip and my son wanted to play with them.  He wanted to use the new little prayer carpets he received as a gift from a newlywed couple.  He attended their wedding over the summer and he got to do whirling there.  

He arranged the dolls to be a bride and groom with a wakeel and Imam.

He decided to use the dolls to stage the wedding with whirling dervish dancers.  

Special thanks to Fatima and Ali and may Allah (s) bless them.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Dervish Doll please see WaldorfMagicGlade on Etsy.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children the rituals of Islam. 

100. Illuminated Quran: The War Horse

This is the 100th part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.

This surah speaks about the struggle between good and evil as a battle with mounted horsemen.  This struggle is witnessed by Allah (s) and all the secrets that we try to hide will be remembered on the Day of Judgement.  

I think that this surah presents and excellent opportunity to talk about Islamic chivalry with children.  There are several chapters in the childrens’ sira: The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil that describe the chivalry of the Prophet (s) and his army of Sahaba in detail.  I plan to chose one chapter to read to my children as part of the lesson for this surah.

Discussion question: are there different ways to fight evil?  What are the rules of war in Islam?  Why did the Prophet (s) always try to avoid fighting and find a peaceful solution to conflict?

Image:  this image of mounted horsemen is lifted from a Persian miniature of a battle.  

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.  

Dervish Dolls:  New Scheherazade Doll

This is the new Scheherazade doll that is now available for sale at this Etsy shop:

Waldorf Magic Glade

Her vest is removable for more of an indoor look that you will see in the photos at the link above.

The processing is 2-3 weeks for fabrication and then the doll is shipped from the Ukraine so please allow for transit time.  

We will be doing a series for the Arabian nights soon with the prototype doll but if you are interested in ordering your own doll please contact the Etsy shop above.  The dolls are not exactly the same but you can discuss the particulars with the artist who makes them.  She will take custom orders if you would like to have a particular color or detail.  

Please share your ideas for using creative play to learn about the literature of the Muslim world.

99. Illuminated Quran: The Shaking

This is the 99th part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.  

This surah speaks of a great earthquake that will come at the end of the world followed by an accounting for all the good and bad that each person has wrought.  

Discussion question: why is there an earthquake at the end of the world?  Why will good and bad deeds be counted at the time of the great earthquake?

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children. 

98. Illuminated Quran: The Proof

This is the 98th part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children. 

This surah  speaks about the people of the book and the Gardens of Eternity.  The most essential parts of the way and the rewards for following the way are emphasized.

Discussion question:  who are the people of the book?  What is the reward for following the way of the Prophets?  What are the Gardens of Eternity?

Image:  this is a composite to suggest the Gardens of Eternity. 

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.  

97. Illuminated Quran: The Night of Power

This is the 97th part of our series on the Tafsir of Quran for children.

This surah speaks about the Night of Power in Ramadan when the angels come down to earth.  The Angel Gibrail (a) brought  the whole Quran on this night.  There is a moment in that night when our prayers can be accepted so people stay up to wait for this moment.  

Discussion questions: what descended on the Night of Power?  Why do people stay up and pray and make dua on this night?  

Image: this is an image of angels descending in the night sky.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafsir of Quran to children.