Gardens of Islam: Honey Tasting

As a follow up to our field trip to the Intermiel honey farm we decided to have a honey tasting with all the varieties of honey that we brought home that day.

This last weekend my sons were recovering from strep throat infections and I trought this would be an ideal time to experience he healing benefits of Islamic medicine to aid their recovery.  We are hoping to have a more formal workshop on the healing benefits of honey with Hadiqat al-Azhar in the coming months.  For today the children were able to taste 7 different types of local raw honey which is an excellent medicine for a sore throat and especially a bacterial throat infection as honey has many antibacterial properties.

The boys distributed the honey to each family member and asked them what they could taste in the honey.

The boys had the opportunity to tell everyone what they learned at the honey farm about honey and beekeeping.

For our tasting we had clover, apple blossom, raspberry blossom, buckwheat, fir tree, blueberry and lavender honey.

Everyone loved the lavendar honey.

Their least favorite was the fir tree honey but we think it may be nice in tea.

We are hoping to make some recipies with honey soon for our Cuisine of the Muslims World Series.
Please share your ideas for teaching Muslim children about the natural world.

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