Where the Sahaba call Home

This is a craft project from one of our contributors, Wajiha.  

Wajiha is reading a book called Companions of the Prophet by Abdul Wahid Hamid about the lives of the Sahaba.  After reading about the Sahaba Wajiha creates a lesson plan for her children.  She summarizes the story for her children and then they have a project concerning the story.  

The craft helps the children to learn about the sort of houses that the Sahaba lived in.  This project particularly reminds me of the Waldorf lessons for the 3rd grade concerning the different types of human shelters: Humanity of Earth.  Projects like this one for the Sahaba are an excellent way to adapt the Waldorf curriculum for Muslim children.  

They begin the lesson with duas. Then they play the daff with songs followed by the story and craft.

These are her instructions for the craft: Take a manila folder and cut squares 5X5 two of them with windows one with door. Lay them all flat as the sides line up. Tape from the inside with masking tape, then raise the sides and tape. You can see in the picture of the layout above.  The structure is painted after the taping is complete.  For the roof cut a bigger size and lay it on top but leave it unfastened.  The kids can glue Popsicle sticks on top.

I want to thank Wajiha for sharing this craft with us and I hope we see many more projects from her here in the future.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Sahaba.

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