Sunnahs of the Prophet: Laundry 

Among the many know sunnahs or examples of the Prophet Muhammad (s) is his participation in household work like laundry.  This practice was observed by his wife Aicha (r).  

This aspect of the sunnah is often overlooked when raising children and particularly overlooked when raising boys.  So I have decided to start this series to help my sons understand some of the various sunnahs that they are able to emulate at this time.  

I started by telling my son that this was a task that the Prophet (s) did in his home and then I brought him the laundry basket.  I may have him help with other laundry related tasks soon but today we only folded laundry. 

My son took his task very seriously and did an excellent folding job before gathering and putting the laundry away where it belongs.

Please share your ideas for teaching the practices of the Prophet (s) to children.

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