Holiday Colour Themes

Decorating for the holidays can be very challenging for Muslim mothers.  We want to make the holidays special for the children but our celebrations are less commercial and formulaic.  We have created this holiday  colour guide in order to suggest what is possible for each holiday and we encourage you to send us your ideas so that we share them with others.  I use green frequently because it is the favorite colourof the Prophet Muhammad (s) and I find it to be an easy colour to incorporate into the narrative for most of the Muslim holidays.


Green for the palms that the sahaba waved to greet the Prophet (s) in Medina.

New Year’s Garlands

Saffron yellow for the snake that waited hundreds of years to see the Prophet (s) in the cave:


Green for the green lamp of the Prophet (s).


Peacock colours for the Buraq and he butterflies I used to represent different elements of the Isra wal Miraj story.

Tree of Life


This is an article on using the colour purple for Ramadan that I also like but have not yet incorporated into my decorating theme: Ramadan Colours.

White for the phases of the moon and the stars.

Silver for the paper mâché moons: Ramadan Moons.

Green for the Eid banner we made to go with our Pool of Paradise project.



Eid Decorations




Shades of blue for the flood of Nuh (a).

Ashoora Garlands

Please share your ideas for Muslim holiday decorating.  

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