Gardens of Islam: Honey Farm

For this part of our Gardens of Islam series we visited a honey farm in Quebec Canada to learn all about honey bees.  We hope to have many posts on the properties of honey and relationship between honey and the traditions of Islam over the next few months.  

We had a field trip to the Intermiel honey farm in Quebec Canada where we had a 2 hour tour about the art of bee keeping and the honey they make.  (Please note that there is an alcohol free apple cider available in the final tasting room available for Muslim parents and children.) 

We found this natural beehive in the education room.

My son liked this display beehive in the education room where he could observe the bees through glass.

Our posts so far have focused on the flora of the Muslim garden and this is the first time we have focused on the fauna.  This inspires us to think of the other animals that can be found in a garden.

If you would like to share the chapter of Quran concerning bees with your children please see our post:  16. The Illuminated Quran: The Bee.

Please share your ideas for teaching Muslim children about the natural world.

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