Gardens of Islam: Tree of Sulayman Workshop

For our very first workshop our little apothecaries learned all about the Tree of Sulayman and the wonderful things they could do with it.  

The children felt like they were in a potions class at Hogwarts so we decided to say that our potions class was at the Hogwarts of Fez and we would call it Azhar.  We hope to have many more workshops like this one so that the children can learn all the secrets of traditional Islamic medicine.  

First they learned what an apothecary is, a sort of Doctor who could heal you with plants.

Then they learned the story of the Tree of Sulayman and the properties of the plant.  Please see our post on the Tree of Sulayman for more information.  

First they toasted the carob pods.  

Then they boiled the Rose blossoms.

Then they ground the toasted carob.

Then they combined the ingredients.

Then they applied the salve to all their bug bites and found that it reduced the iritation and swelling very quickly.  

If you would like to know more about the translation for the knowledge in this project please see the Hadiqat al Azhar website.

If you would like learn more about the story of Sulayman (a) there is a chapter concerning his story in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

Please share your ideas for teaching children the healing arts of Islam.  

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