Dervish Dolls: Three Wishes

Today our little dervish is telling us the story of Aladdin and his 3 wishes.  Our little dervish says that even with 3 wishes most people cannot find happiness or understand that their ego will sabotage them and will control their choices.  There are many tales from around the world that illustrate this point but the tale of Aladdin is among the most famous.  

The overarching theme is that the person blessed with three wishes makes the wrong choices and in the end must use the last wish to undo all the harm they have done.  

This doll was commissioned by Sirajunmunira from WaldorfMagicGlade on Etsy.  

The wood toy is a Montessori manipulative I have used in this context to represent the 3 wishes.

Please share your ideas for using creative play to learn about the stories of the Muslim world.

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