70. Illuminated Quran: The Ascent

This surah speaks about the ascent to the presence of Allah (s) and the distance as 50,000 years that an angel can travel in a day.  

If you would like to read more to your children about the ascent of the Prophet Muhammad (s) on the Isra wal Miraj there is a series of chapters concerning this event in The Light of Muhammad by Hajjah Amina Adil.  

Discusion question:  what do we need to do if we want to ascend the ladder leading to Allah (s)?  How did the Prophet Muhammad (s) make this amazing journey?

Image:  I selected a tree compossite with a ladder to represent the axis mundi or the pole that connects heaven and earth.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children the Tafseer of Quran.  

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