65. Illuminated Quran: The Divorce

This surah speaks about how a husband and wife should seperate, both temporarily and possibly permanently.  The separation is supposed to be approximately 3 months after which the couple decides what to do.  The purpose of this time is to reevaluate the relationship and to verify if the lady is expecting a baby or not.

The surah emphasizes that it is not permitted to throw out vulnerable ladies especially if they are expecting a child.  When divorce occurs it is to be done slowly so that the lady is protected and there is time to arrange things accordingly.  

Discussion question:  when you are not getting along with someone does it help to take a break and see them later?  If a lady is expecting a baby is it important to support and protect her?

Image:  for this surah I chose to depict the passing of the three lunar months mentioned as the standard waiting period  when considering divorce.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafseer of Quran to children.  

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