57. Illuminated Quran: The Iron

This surah speaks about the creation of the heavens and the earth, what is in the earth, what comes out of the earth and what comes down from the heavens.

Iron is an element that is made inside of very large and hot stars that are larger than our own sun.  In order to make tools and weapons iron must be extracted from stone.  Some speculate that the Arthurnian Legends referring to a sword being drawn from a stone is a description of this technological process.

Discussion question:  what sort of materials for building things are on the earth?  How did those things get here?  Are all of the things found here on earth from here, or do they come from somewhere else?

Image:  this is an image of a sword in the ground or in the stone and the iron descending from a star.  It is meant to refer to the Arthurnian Legend of The Sword in the Stone.  If anyone following this series knows of a version of this story from the Muslim world I would very much appreciate it.  This series is a work in progress I hope to slowly improve it with feedback and assistance from our readers and contributors.

Please share your ideas for teaching children the Tafseer of Quran.

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