56. Illuminated Quran: The Inevitable Event

This surah speaks about the end of the world as the inevitable event.

This surah speaks about the pleasures of Paradise and the tortures of Hell in vivid detail including The Tree of Zaqqum.  This  tree grows out of the fire and has a dangerous fruit.  The surrah says that the people who have obeyed Allah (s) will have the fruits of Paradise and the people who transgress will taste the fruit of Hell.

The fruit is said to be shaped like Devils heads and it is said to boil in the belly of those who eat it.  This is a classic medieval vision of Hell that you may find inappropriate for children but some children have questions about these things if they are not easily frightened.

Discussion question:  what do you think Hell is like?  We have learned about the many trees in Paradise;  what do think about the tree in Hell?

Image:  this image is lifted from a Persian miniature of the Tree of Zaqqum.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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